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Using surrealism and hyperbole, I aim to explore both heightened and quiet emotion using images and words. I am interested in fairy tale logic and self-made mythologies----the stories people tell to make sense of their lives. I think all my art gets after this in some way. I'm interested in human-scale thoughts, experiences, and feelings expressed in epic proportions. My writing exaggerates; it tells tall tales. This is because I perceive the page as an exciting, uncharted space where anything can happen----where normal hierarchies and rules can be upended, where small events can matter profoundly. This is what keeps me coming back. 

Poetry has saved, changed, and enriched my life. It offers something vital and priceless. I hope that by teaching, by writing, by reading voraciously, by giving back to the community of those who love literature locally and beyond, and by doing what I can to nourish the arts, I can help others encounter the kind of poems that sends shivers down their spines and sparks through their brains.