A hybrid collection in six parts, each consisting of

poems, stories, and paintings, Feral Domesticity 

was published by Robocup Press in 2014.

Excerpt (from "Pandora")

Flowers uprooted themselves on the spot and

inched their way closer, winding their vines around

her eyelashes and curving around tendrils of hair.

A whole pack of them came: bitten-apple red

crawling alongside whale-iris blue, dragging whisper-thin roots and waving with their leaves. The shocking-white poppies cajoled the yellow daffodils, and before long she was bathed in them, absorbed by them.


"With themes of magical realism, this feminist text speaks to the wild, confusing, and sometimes terrifying experiences of womanhood and maturation into womanhood. The collection hangs together on the lushness of Kyle's poetic prose and the narrative power of her intelligently crafted poems. The images provide an ethereal beauty that creates a hypnotic reading experience."

Tamryn Spruill, author of Scratch the Bone