Photo credit: Zach Kyle.

A chapbook about the ocean, desire, and loss, 

Flotsam was published by Etched Press in 2015. 


Excerpt (from "The Village Remembers")


There are very few left
still alive who remember
her glide through the mist
of the pallid summer dunes,

the way her braid swayed
like a devil's pendulum,
a hungry compass needle
pointing everywhere but north.


"Kyle has crafted a world filled with magical realism, in a traditional and nontraditional sense. The lyrics in Flotsam are imbued with spells. She invokes the ocean, ships, and urban and rural villages to craft a modern fairy tale. Kyle expertly wields vivid imagery, lovely rhythms, textured verbs and taut metaphors.” 


---- Kevin Dublin, author of How to Fall in Love in San Diego