A fable about a holy woman wandering the ruins of a

collapsed civilization, Saint was published by dancing

girl press in 2018.

Excerpt (from "Arriving")


Saint slides down the sage-green hill like blackberry

honey—a unified drip. Her toes kick up dust

clouds the color of hazelnut, catching setting light. All

neon tan. She moves toward the city that groans like a

lover: the song of architecture melting. As if toothpicks

and wax. She passes by the metal sign: Welcome

to [spray paint], Population [bullet holes]. Glides

beneath the arch. The city is decked in lace-agate-blue

as twilight seeps into its marrow. Wind throws paper that catches 

Saint’s ankle. The windows above her are shattered. Curtains ebb, flow

like farewelling damsels. Saint puts in one earbud.

Cranks the volume up.

Saint cover.png